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Newport Flavors' Amaretto Flavor Concentrate provides a delicious taste of old world style to your baking and beverage creations. Amaretto dates back to the Middle Ages as a liqueur that is said to have originated in Saronno, Italy. The Amaretto Flavor Concentrate contains a very rich and full bodied flavor. It is very strong, so a little goes a long way. This flavor is excellent for baking in cakes, pies and pancake mix at about 0.3 to 5% usage depending on the temperature and time baked. Start with a few drops in your recipe. It can be also used in sauces and savory recipes for meat and chicken dishes to add a little taste boost. Newport Flavors' Amaretto Flavor Concentrate also works great in ice creams, sorbets, shaved ice syrup, shakes and beverages, your favorite puddings, and yogurts. Contains no Allergens.