Anise Flavor Oil


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Anise Flavor Oil provides a natural licorice flavor to enhance the taste of food, while balancing digestive wellness. The Anise plant comes from the Parsley family and grows in great abundance during the temperate spring months. The Anise plant has been used to add the sweet, warm flavor of licorice to both food and drink for many centuries now. The Anise Flavor Oil is excellent for flavoring cakes and candies. This natural Anise Flavor Oil includes the ingredients of organic coconut oil and organic olive oil. By means of organic production, these oils are USDA approved and not subjected to pesticides or hormones. The benefits of both the organic coconut oil and the organic olive oil within the Anise Flavor Oil work towards building balanced cholesterol levels for an overall wellness that tastes delicious.

Ingredient Statement: Sunflower Oil, and Natural Flavors