Cabernet Sauvignon Extract, Organic


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Newport Flavors understands the importance of providing great taste with pure, natural goodness. Organic Cabernet Sauvignon Flavor Extract from Newport Flavors is the perfect combination of flavorful taste and healthy nutrition. Adding delectable flavor to any of your favorite recipes with our Cabernet Sauvignon flavoring turns an ordinary meal or taste treat into a memorable experience you'll want to relive over and over again. Food enthusiasts will tell you; eating does not have to be boring, In fact, it shouldn't be. Newport Flavors' Cabernet Sauvignon Flavor Extract makes it possible for chefs everywhere to put the sweet, soothing flavor of red wine into all of their culinary creations. The delicate, aromatic flavor of Cabernet Sauvignon is alive and well in Newport Flavors' Organic Cabernet Sauvignon Flavor Extract. Excite your recipes and your palette with the charming, entrancing taste of old world goodness brought to life from the purest, natural sources on the planet. Put the unique and satisfying flavor of Cabernet, one of the worlds most popular varieties of wine grapes, into any of your traditional and customized recipes for flavorful taste no one will forget.

INGREDIENTS: Organic ethyl alcohol, and natural flavors.