Cinnamon Flavor Oil 2X, Organic


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Organic Cinnamon Flavor Oil 2x is ideal for your unique applications. Use it in everything from spiced chocolates and craveable candy to candle-making and even potpourris. And, because this oil is 2x, that means it simply has twice the potency as the regular version. Newport Flavors Organic Cinnamon Flavor Oil 2x is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.

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The taste and aroma we love most about real cinnamon itself can be found right in a bottle of Newport Flavours’ Organic Cinnamon Flavor Oil 2x. When you are looking to flavor a recipe or application of any kind with the great taste of cinnamon, this is the ideal place to begin. Spicy, earthy, and fragrant, our Organic Cinnamon Fragrance Oil 2x is perfect for your every application. And because this flavor is 2x, that simply means that there is more flavor and more aroma per serving. Less is definitely considered to be more when you decide to implement our 2x formula. Start by using a little and slowly increase dosage if need be to create the flavor you desire. On average, your total dosage of Organic Cinnamon Flavor Oil 2x should fall within the range of about .5% to about 3% max of your total product. Our flavor oils are great for oil-based products and are high-heat stable and oil-soluble.     


​Ingredient statement: contains organic sunflower oil, and natural flavors


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