Organic Allspice Flavor Concentrate (Alcohol free)


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Allspice Flavor Concentrate and Organic Allspice Flavor Concentrate are made from the Pimento berry. The Dried Allspice berries are steam distilled or extracted using traditional alcohol/water methods. We use Organic Allspice Berries to Make our Organic Allspice Flavor Concentrate. After distillation the alcohol and water are separated from the oil and the product can be emulsified to become water soluble. Allspice flavor has a characteristic Cinnamon, Clove, and Nutmeg Flavor Profile. Allspice Flavor Concentrate finds many uses such as flavoring in pies, cookies, potpourri, and tea to name a few.I have used Allspice on many occasions to flavor Homemade Pumpkin pies. Allspice also finds some use for cleaning it has been said that it has strong antibacterial properties.