Organic Almond Cream Flavor Concentrate


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Organic Almond Cream Flavor Concentrate is an excellent flavor for homemade puddings and ice creams. Just add about 1 ounce of the Almond Cream Flavor to 1 gallon of ice cream base and taste. The flavor should be smooth and go away within five seconds. Add more if you want it a little stronger. You can also add more Vanilla Extract if you want more creamy Almond Flavor. You can make smaller batches of ice cream just reduce your measurements to a quarter of the recommendation. Another great and simple recipe is to take a package of Vanilla Pudding and make it the way the directions say and while heating add in a quarter teaspoon of Organic Almond Cream Flavor and pour in to cups and you will have a delicious twist on a popular dessert. For artisans who make there pudding from scratch just keep the starting usage of the flavor to .2%. Our Almond Cream Flavor is Gluten Free, Vegan, and Kosher. This almond Cream Flavor is heat stable and can be used in baking for things like making cookies.