Organic Almond Flavor Concentrate


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Organic Almond Flavor is made from the essential oil of Bitter Almond. It has a strong Almond taste but without the bitterness. This Almond Flavor has been manufactured in such a way to be heat stable it is not as stable as our category marked Heat stable Flavors. That category is designed for extreme heating conditions for long time durations. This Almond Flavor is able to take most baking conditions such as baking cookies or cakes. Adding a touch of our Organic Vanilla Extract will greatly enhance the flavors profile. This almond flavor has a very low Starting Usage Level. A good place to start is at.15 to .25%. You can always go up but remember my rule of thumb is to not taste the flavor any longer than 3 to 5 seconds after you have swallowed the finished product. Another rule is if you taste a chemical taste or a minty type taste or a slightly medicinal taste than you probably have over flavored your creation. Remember to wait a few hours or even a day before you try to make something with that flavor again so as to allow time for your taste buds to recover.