Organic Amaretto Cappuccino Flavor Concentrate


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Amaretto Cappuccino Flavor is an an excellent addition for flavoring most dairy products such as cram for coffees, Flavoring plain yogurt, and adding a nice twist on plain vanilla ice cream. Amaretto Cappuccino Flavor also works well in soy milk and non dairy frozen desserts. Starting usage for most non cook up products will be around .25% up to 1%. For a small cup of plain yogurt you can start by adding ten drops of Amaretto Cappuccino Flavor and stir completely and taste. You can add more or less according to you taste preference. Use the same method for flavoring Vanilla pudding. To flavor ice cream base use one ounce of Amarretto Cappuccino Flavor to one gallon of ice cream base and taste. Adjust the flavor accordingly you may want to add some Organic Vanilla Extract to enhance the flavor. Don't forget to get some of our natural zero calorie sweetener that tastes like sugar with no bitter aftertaste. SweetenFX is the best tasting sweetener with no calories and can make dieting fun again.