Organic Amaretto Flavor Concentrate


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Amaretto Flavor Concentrate is a great flavor to start a creation with. This flavor is close to an Almond Flavor with a hint of creamy notes and a touch of spice. Newport Flavors Amaretto Flavor Concentrate is heat stable for most Baking applications. It is an excellent addition to flavoring dairy products as well. I especially like its effect on dairy creamers and it works well with soy milk based creamers and other non dairy creamers such as coconut milk based coffee creamers. To flavor a coffee creamer just add 1 teaspoon to about 8 ounces of plain coffee creamer. If your into experimenting you can make your own coffee creamer from scratch and flavor it up with Amaretto Flavor Concentrate. Don't forget to sweeten it with our revolutionary sugar free sweetener called SweetenFX. This 100% Natural sweetener has no calories, no bitter aftertaste and works just like sugar. This Amaretto Flavor is Gluten Free, Vegan, and of course Kosher.