Organic Apricot Brandy Glaze


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These Newport Flavors Organic Fruit Glazes are designed to give sheen to baked goods, fruit toppings, barbecued food and meat products. They are best used by air brushing but you can also brush them on using a pastry brush and the glazes dry instantly. Did you ever wonder how the pastries at your favorite bakery or store have that shiny sheen to them? This sheen, unless baked on using eggs, is usually achieved by spraying or brushing on a proprietary blend of sugars, fruit purees and natural stabilizers. Newport Flavors Organic Fruit Glazes are applied after baking rather than before (unlike egg mixtures which have to be baked on). Spray or brush the glaze on freshly baked pastries to add that special shine just like your favorite bakery does. You can also spray your favorite glaze on ribs just after barbecuing to give them an attractive sheen and a sweeter taste. The glazes dry very quickly and have a slight flavor. However, if you prefer, you can order the Newport Flavors Organic Glaze without any added flavor.