Organic Cinnamon Flavor Oil


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Bring on the holiday cheer with the warm flavor and aromatic scent of cinnamon. Great to use in recipes for flavored chocolate and cinnamon flavored hard and soft candy, Newport Flavours Organic Cinnamon Flavor Oil can also be used in applications for scented candles, potpourris, and more. With the real flavor of cinnamon, Newport Flavours Organic Cinnamon Flavor Oil is perfect for, both, large and small batch products. And, since our flavor oils are concentrated, a little will certainly go a long way. It’s best to experiment with your flavor oils when you first receive them because each and every application will call for a different dosage. Each recipe and application is different in that it is made from varying ingredients, calls for different cooking times (if any at all), and will produce a different amount. And, since this product is organic, we guarantee that it is made with the best possible ingredients, so there is never a worry about its integrity.   


​Ingredients: organic sunflower oil and natural flavors


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