Organic Star Anise Oil Essential Oil

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Latin Name: Pimpinella anisum

General Description:
Organic anise oil is commonly used in cooking throughout the developed world. Although it is used in some soups and cooked meats, it is more commonly used in candy and for baking. Anise oil makes a wonderful addition to Italian cookies and is often used as a hard candy flavor. It also finds uses in liqueur formulations where it imparts a licorice note. In non-alcoholic beverages, anise may be found as part of a root beer formula. Newport Flavors' Organic Anise Oil is made from the finest stock and is checked for peak purity using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. This organic anise oil is constantly rotated with fresh material continually brought in so you are assured to receive the freshest oil.

100% steam distilled, NOP certified Organic Anise Oil Folklore: Anise has been grown for thousands of years dating back to the times of the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. In fact, the Romans used it as one of the main ingredients in a type of cake called Mustaceus. They served Mustaceus at the end of large meals to help prevent heartburn and indigestion. You can use Newport Flavors' Organic Anise Oil in your dessert recipes just like the Romans!

How It's Made
: Steam distillation of the dried fruits. Properties: Contains a large variety of individual ingredients but the most common ingredient is anthol.

Newport Flavors' Organic Anise Oil can be made into a tincture by mixing with glycerin and organic alcohol; once finished, spray it into the mouth for relief. This mixture may also help to prevent the flu, colds and other bacterial infections in the mouth and throat area.

: Using Newport Flavors' Organic Anise Oil may help to kill certain types of bacteria found in the throat and stomach such as H. pyloris, which can cause heartburn.