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History & Folklore:


The Caribbean and Hawaiian Islands are well-known for their fruit punch drinks. Fruit juices swirl about in this well-known and equally adored refreshing beverage. Fruit punch goes by different names around the world: punsch in Germany, ponche in Mexico, and sujeonggwa in Korea. Though the typical tropical fruit punch recipe has changed over time, the popularity of this drink has continued to gain momentum. Did you know that the word ‘punch’ comes from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘five’? Fruit punch originally contained only five ingredients--water, alcohol, lemon, sugar, and spices or tea. Variations of fruit punch can have alcohol or also have none at all.


Daily Uses:


Whether you’re making a tropical fruit punch flavored hard candy or a soft candy, our Tropical Fruit Punch Emulsion is just the thing you’re looking for. The next time you’re looking to give your favorite candy recipe a facelift or make a line of candy of your own to sell, make sure to add Newport Flavours Tropical Fruit Punch Emulsion to your ingredient list. Fun and fruity, this great flavor will please the masses. You friends, family, and customers will enjoy the great tropical taste of fruit punch.


Health Benefits:

We’re passionate about health and creating only the best flavors for your recipes. Our line of organic products is crafted with care with the best ingredients. Organic plant-matter makes up each of our organic emulsions’ one-of-a-kind flavor and color. In lieu of having a huge list of ingredients that are hard to pronounce, we keep it short, sweet, and simple. And because we keep our ingredients simple, the products you receive are the purest flavor. And pure flavor equals some of the best products around. The products you order from Newport Flavours aren’t made until you say ‘go.’ Since each product is made to order, it ensures that the flavors you receive are as fresh as they possibly can be.




If you like making candy, our natural and organic emulsions are just what you need to bring out the best in your adoration of tropical candy flavors. Since our flavor emulsions are perfect for high heat recipes over 375° F, make sure to experiment with a few flavors and add different flavors to your shopping cart for the next time you make soft or hard candy. With flavors ranging from savory to satisfying and fun to fruity, Newport Flavours has all the ingredients that you need to make the tastiest candy at home, at work, or in a professional kitchen. The next time that you pull out the lollipop molds sticks, be sure to incorporate Newport Flavours Tropical Fruit Punch Emulsion to your candy for wonderfully exotic and tropical flavor that everyone can enjoy.


Product Specs:


Newport Flavours Organic Tropical Fruit Punch Emulsion contains water, organic gum acacia, natural flavors, and organic citric acid.




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