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History & Folklore: A poll taken by the International Ice Cream Association says that, of all ice cream fans, 29% prefer the flavor of vanilla over any other variety. Following behind is chocolate at 8.9%, strawberry at 5.3%, and butter pecan at 5.3%. Simply put, other flavors don’t even stand a chance next to the world’s most classic flavor. Vanilla comes from the orchid family. When orchids bloom on the vanilla plant vine, they need to be pollinated in order to become a vanilla bean. At first, vanilla beans are green, but then need to be picked at precisely the right time. Then, beans are cured, dried, and processed. Daily Uses: Great for many of your applications, Newport Flavours Organic Alcohol-Free Vanilla Concentrate is terrific for products like custard, yogurt, frozen yogurt, ice cream, and pudding and superb for baked items like pies, cakes, breads, croissants, and cookies. Our vanilla concentrate is unsweetened, alcohol-free, high-heat stable, and water-based. Keep in mind that, since our products are highly concentrated, we suggest that a small amount be used when experimenting with concentrates and gradually increase dosage until the ideal flavor is reached for your unique application. Health Benefits: At Newport Flavours, our products are free from chemicals and artificial ingredients. We like to keep our ingredients list short and sweet to keep our products as close to Mother Nature as we possibly can. Once you place your order, your products are created, the labels are printed, and your shipment is sent on its way. Each of our products are carefully hand-crafted with real antioxidants and extracts from organic vegetables and fruits. Recipes: Looking for an extra decadent way to top your cakes and cupcakes? It’s so simple. Try adding Newport Flavours Organic Alcohol-Free Vanilla Concentrate into your frosting ingredients for a comforting touch to any of your baked goods. In a small bowl, mix together powdered sugar, softened grassfed butter, 1-2 tablespoons of milk, and our vanilla concentrate. Thoroughly stir ingredients together until smooth and use to add unbelievable vanilla flavor to your homemade cakes, cupcakes, and more. Product Specs: Newport Flavours Organic Alcohol-Free Vanilla Concentrate contains water, organic gum acacia, natural flavors, and organic citric acid. RM0817