Red Food Color Powder (Made From Hibiscus)


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Natural, Red Color is a Powdered Coloring made from Hibiscus. This all natural coloring has a deep blue-red color and can be used in baking and other cooking as well as cloth dyeing, water painting, and beverage tinting. Drinking water tinted with Hibiscus is also recommended by some to improve renal function. It is Vegan Friendly, Kosher Certified, and Gluten Free. Our Blue-Red Color is the natural alternative to artificial dyes, and is packed full of powerful anti-oxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. This natural coloring is also heat and freeze stable. Replacement of Red #3 NOTE: Newport Flavors makes no claims about the suitability of natural colors for any given purpose. Some colors will impart some flavor on the finished product, and may render unsatisfactory results, others may not hold up well to High-Heat applications. We encourage our customers to begin by purchasing a small sample to test before buying larger quantities. All Sales Are Final.