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History & Folklore:


Did you know that the word ‘rhubarb’ historically has referred to a heated argument or dispute? Though that term isn’t used frequently anymore all, we can assure you, however, that there will be no rhubarb about the amazing flavor of our Rhubarb Flavor Powder. A little about the rhubarb plant: rhubarb is technically a vegetable though it’s technically treated like a fruit in the kitchen, the darker the stock determines how sweet the flavor, rhubarb has been used as a folk medicine throughout history, and January 23 is National Rhubarb Pie Day--so get down with this great flavor. Fresh rhubarb may be considered to be a little tart to some, so it is commonly cooked down with a sweetener of some sort helping to balance out the flavors and make it far more palatable.     


Daily Uses:


Looking for a flavor that is ideal for any of your dry, powdered mixes? Newport Flavours’ flavor powders are great for any sort of dry recipes that are in need of a little extra flavor. Perfect for dry mixes for pancakes, waffles, protein powders, and drink mixes, our flavor powders are not only tasty, but very versatile, too. With nearly three hundred flavors of natural flavor powders that we carry, there are so many great possibilities for any recipe that you can dream up. Because our flavors are concentrated, Newport Flavours suggests that you experiment using a small amount first. Slowly increase your dosage and taste along the way until you reach a perfect balance of flavors for your unique recipe. This helps from accidently over-flavoring your application.     


Health Benefits:


At Newport Flavours, we believe in using pure and natural ingredients to craft the flavors, colors, and scents of nature that go into our products. Since we utilize the best extracts from real plant-based ingredients, we essentially opt to do away with the use of artificial ingredients, unnecessary preservatives, and harmful chemicals. Additionally, we make all of our products in-house and made to order. This enables us to make each and every product fresh--just for you. Doing this enables us to not only send you the freshest product, but also enables you to use the freshest possible product in each and every one of your applications.   




Looking to add the perfect flavor to a protein powder mix that you’ve been working on? Whether you’re making it just for yourself or experimenting to reach a global market, we urge you to try adding our flavor powders to your recipe for added flavor. While our Rhubarb Flavor Powder will offer a great tart flavor, balance it out with a great flavor like our Strawberry Flavor Powder and additionally a flavor enhancer like an acid or a sweetener. Experiment with our flavor powders by adding different amounts of acidity, varying ratios of ingredients, and adding different levels of sweetness. Once you develop your perfect protein powder, store it in pre-portioned plastic zipper-top bags for easy access or an airtight container to keep it optimally fresh.    


Product Specs:


Newport Flavours Rhubarb Flavor Powder contains gum acacia and natural flavors.