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The Aztecs were truly a majestic civilization; they built pyramids soaring to the sky, hauntingly expressive statues of their gods and under the wise rule of Montezuma they conquered lands on the four corners of the horizon for their great powerful empire. They had jaguar warriors, feathered headdresses, palaces and poets. What is perhaps less known is that many of the delicious desserts that we enjoy right now can be traced back to the Aztecs- namely hot chocolate and vanilla. Cocoa beans were typically used to make a hot beverage called chocolate, not dissimilar to nowadays' hot chocolate; which they flavored with vanilla beans. The delicious vanilla was also used as a medicine, a perfume and in holy rituals; and cocoa beans doubled as currency. We can only marvel, from all of this, at the significance a cup of hot chocolate must have born. Honoring the legacy of the Aztecs, we have created our Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup; with its alluring flavor that goes great with the delicious hot chocolate; as well as with coffees and other hot beverages. As a matter of fact, we're sure our Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup would have been good enough for the Great Montezuma himself; so why not try it today and feel utterly princely? As we travel the world; we encounter many experiences and many Flavors come our way; by studying the ancient histories we can learn- among other good and wise things- that the ancients had some great taste in sweets, which could inspire us when we're cooking. We thought of the ancient Egyptians and Persians when carefully crafting our Watermelon Coffee Syrup , we prepared an Orange Coffee Syrup fit for the Greek gods and a Cherry Coffee Syrup that could have been invented by Lucullus himself.


A recent hype brought the Aztec and Mayan culture to our attention- as various groups suggested an ancient prophecy predicted the end of the world to come in 2012; we don't believe much in that but, on the other hand, we're inspired by that old saying which says you should live each day as if it was the last-one on Earth. Living by this philosophy, you'll learn how to make time for the little pleasures in life- watching the sunset on the beach, cooking a delicious meal, or relaxing in the afternoon with a good book and a cup of steaming coffee with Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup in hand (or, if you prefer, chocolate ice cream topped with Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup; both options are delicious).

Daily Uses

Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup tastes great with coffees hot or cold; try it in hot cappuccino with whipped cream on top or iced lattes and blended frappes. It is also quite delicious with hot chocolate: 
the Aztecs knew what they knew- and with Mexican atole. You can also drizzle Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup over your favourite ice cream, or over mochi rice cakes, millionaire's shortbread, pavlovas or even simple biscuits; we love it with hot waffles and slices of orange, topped with some whipped cream. Since Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup is heat-resistant, it is perfect for flavouring creams and custards. For a delicious custards to use with your favourite cakes and tart, simply mix it as desired in double cream and simmer it gently with egg yolks; or you can use it to flavour your panna cota and any other pudding you can think of. You can even use Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup in cooie dough; in the same way that you would have used corn or maple syrup, for a delicious delicate flavour; or better yet, why not create your own flavourings by mixing it with another syrup of your choice- how about Caramel Syrup ?

Health Benefits

Since the Aztecs' times, the delicate aroma of vanilla was known to have a calming, soothing and relaxing effect on the mind, being great for fighting stress, anxiety and nervousness. It is said to improve one's confidence and to diffuse anger. But since vanilla pods are scarily expensive and a lot of vanilla flavourings on the market are artificial, our Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup may be the best thing for you; as it is an all-natural, certified product flavoured with nothing but real plant extracts for your health and well-being. If you're having a blind date or a job interview coming up and you're feeling a little queasy, dissolve a few teaspoons of in a glass of herbal tea (we'd recommend rooibos because it's just so delicious) and drink it with small sips while doing some easy breathing exercises. Exciting things are just around the corner; so be prepared for them with a trusted bottle of Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup to sweeten up your life!

How to Make Recipes

Recipe for Spicy Hot Chocolate with Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup Would you like to know how to make a delicious treat using Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup? Below you'll find a wonderful recipe just for that. Of course, you are more than welcome to send us your recipes using Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup

Spicy Hot Chocolate with Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup
6 cups skim milk
3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
3 tablespoons Newport Flavors Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves

Preparation of Spicy Hot Chocolate with Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup Heat the milk in a saucepan over medium-low heat until lukewarm; stir the Newport Flavors Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup, then the cocoa powder into the warmed milk until dissolved. Add the cinnamon, chili powder, nutmeg, and cloves. Heat another 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Liked this recipe, have a look at Chocolate Flavored Syrup Hope you liked our Spicy Hot Chocolate with Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup recipe. If you would like to send us your recipe

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Product Spec Sheet

Product Spec Sheet: 
Commercial Use NF-4536/NATC: Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup 
INGREDIENTS: cane sugar, water, vanilla flavor, natural flavors and lemon juice concentrate. 
USAGE: Varies depending on application. 

- PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Lightly-tinted, translucent liquid. 
- FLAVOR & AROMA: Characteristic of vanilla. 

PH: 3.25 +/- 0.5 BRIX: 75 +/- 5.0 %TA: 0.0638 +/- 0.5 Weight(lbs/gallon):11.60 +/- 0.5 

Organism Specifications Method of Analysis Total Aerobic Count < 500 CFU/g AOAC Method 990.12 Yeast & Mold < 50 CFU/g AOAC Method 998.08 Coliforms / E. coli: Negative in 10g AOAC Method 997.02 

- Method of Processing: Blending all flavor ingredients. 
- Carriers: cane sugar 
- Storage conditions & shelf life: Store in tightly sealed containers at ambient temperatures not exceeding 70??-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Stable at 1 year if stored properly. Refrigerate after opening 
- Legal Status: natural 
- California Processed Product registration, conventional and : # 52375. 
- Product Safety: Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request. 
- All ingredients are listed as G.R.A.S. by FDA and/or F.E.M.A and approved by E.E.C. 
- We hereby certify that the products of Newport Flavors & Fragrances, Ltd., Nature's Flavors, Seelect Tea, are fit for human consumption and have free sale in California. 
- NON-GMO: This product does not contain any genetically modified organisms. 
- Allergens: This product does not contain any allergens. 
- Certified Kosher K-ID: LFZ-WRNM 
- FDA Registration: #13982645538. 
- FDA Bio Security Act Registration: #19307735562. 
- Country of origin: USA